Following is a partial schedule of the lectures which may (most likely will) change. Changes will be updated periodically.

Tuesday, Sept 7:

  • Lecture: Introduction to large-scale machine learning

Tuesday, Sept 14:

  • Lecture: Randomized Algorithms

Tuesday, Sept 21:

  • Lecture: Matrix Approximations I

Tuesday, Sept 28:

  • Lecture: Matrix Approximations II

Tuesday, Oct 5:

  • Lecture: Approximate Nearest Neighbor Search I

Tuesday, Oct 12:

  • Lecture: Approximate Nearest Neighbor Search II

Tuesday, Oct 19:

  • Lecture: Large-Scale Optimization Techniques

Tuesday, Oct 26:

Tuesday, Nov 9:

Tuesday, Nov 16:

  • Lecture: Dimensionality Reduction

Tuesday, Nov 23:

Tuesday, Nov 30:

  • Lecture: TBA